Our Story

She said

I moved to San Francisco after college not knowing what to expect. I moved cross country for something different. San Francisco looked beautiful and I knew I’d find work, so why not?! Once arriving and not knowing a soul in town, I joined a sports (read: drinking) league as a way to make new friends. Good idea, right? Well, I didn’t expect to meet the love of my life! At that point, he was just the super cute captain of our team.

He never actually got my number because he had the entire roster, but he reached out anyway. A few dates and motorcycle rides later, I had stars in my eyes! The rest is history!

Turns out, the real reason I moved to San Francisco was to meet Dave. What a great decision it was!

He said

We met at Sunday Recess, I was wearing jorts and the rest was history.

I mean, only a monster would say no to this!