When & Where

Ralston White Retreat
Mill Valley, CA

September 23, 2017


Parking is extremely limited at the venue, so transportation will be provided. Please do not drive to the venue.

Getting to the wedding:

Take Lyft!

In the “Payment” section of the Lyft app, enter the code BLOOMQUIST17 before you request your ride. More info and screenshots here. For those driving locally, please park your car at the Holiday Inn Express in Mill Valley and order a Lyft from the hotel.

During the wedding:

The ceremony and dinner will be outside on grass. Consider this a warning for those pondering high heels — they may sink in! The average high of 81° is great, but it will drop to 50° by the end of the night so we recommend bringing layers.

Getting home from the wedding:

Shuttles will be provided back to the two hotels where we have room blocks in Mill Valley and San Francisco starting at 9 PM. Feel free to leave when you want, but we encourage you to stay with us and dance the night away (or until 11 PM when they kick us out)!